Weather forecast – preparation for an alternative route


The alternative route can be declared applicable due to the weather conditions (waves, severe weather, lightning) at ​​the Slotermeer and/or Morra are such that the normal route is difficult or impossible to navigate. The race management determines whether the alternative route is declared applicable. At the captainmeeting it will be announced whether and how the alternative route will be applied.

Alternative route
Until the stamping post Woudsend the normal route; turn right and back again towards IJlst, keep port towards Nijezijl, Oosthem (turn into Bolsvaarderzeilvaart), Wijmerts, Bolsward, Workumertrekvaart, Burevaart, Diepe Dolte.
The stamping post Workum is approached from the south. After the stamping post Workum, the normal route is followed.