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Below, we address only those issues where there is improvement to catch up. This is made up of ‘Location, organization and recognition “and” Safety & match’. On the Eleven rowing marathon in 2017!

Location, organization and recognition
To begin, we will renew our website; we make our website more contemporary and informative, so that rowers can quickly find what they want to know. A first version, we can now see and it is beautiful …

Regarding the location indicated, that we must do something about the signs, both for the car and boat traffic as the rowers on our premises.

For strangers is not enough clear where they must report to the secretariat. Therefore, we will next year increase the visibility of organizers and volunteers of the ERM, so visibly who can answer any questions.

Security & Contest
Allowing smooth and fast running of the boat inspection every year again discussed. We have already taken several steps, including identifiable jackets for the judges of boats.

We’re going to do this differently. The past two years we divided the boats judges on the basis of the start numbers. This meant that both the judges and the rowers to each other were looking for boat inspection. Coming ERM we enter the area where the boats are defining in equal parts and we assign the parts to the jurors. We hope to make a correct work!

Given the weather conditions, there were few problems during the ERM in 2016. Returning sticking point is the passage of the bridges at Dokkum. Next year we want to pay special attention to this.