Evaluation marathon 2017


Each year the organization starts with the evaluation of the previous year. Immediately after the marathon in 2017, we’ve send all team captains an evaluation-form with the question “What went well and what could be better.” We have received many comments. Thank you. We are going to improve on various points. A summary below!

Regarding the general facilities

  • Having options to buy coffee, sandwiches and/or soup at some points along the route (with a reference on the digital map).
  • More toilets along the route including clear instructions where to find them (exact addresses and indications on a digital roadmap on the website).
  • Because the available space at the Wetterwille site is relatively limited, it is seen as useful to have clear instructions on site for the teams regarding where to put the boats for riggering.

Regarding the race

  • It would be appreciated if it would to be possible to see easily also the names of all team-members of all teams participating (starting with the name of the team captain) instead of only the name of the rowing club of each team.
  • The most exact location of each and every check point along the route must be clearly marked and explained (how to get there, where to park, local facilities, local restrictions, etc.) on a digital map on the website of the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon.
  • It would be highly appreciated if options could be found to increase the sence of competition for many more race competitors. It was suggested to reduce the number of participants per field of differently qualified participants by increasing the number of differently specified qualifications each group having their own competition. (Diversify for example in more detail for differences in age, sex, number of rowing team-member, experiences, last year overall results etc.).
  • There were both positive as well as negative remarks made regarding the traffic control at the first bridge when entering the city of Dokkum.
  • The rules for the race as announced on the website are not clear enough regarding the precise specification of the mandatory minimal required material that must be on board at all times in each participating boat for bailing out the water from the boat.
  • Regarding the Track & Trace equipment remarks were made the equipment did not function reliable in all situations. Connecting is not clearly enough explained on the website, it did not function on all different browsers, the units are sensible to nudging, reaction time is sometimes too long and sometimes it was difficult to reach the live page.
  • The back up facility of the time registration of the race was not correct.
  • The navigation lights of some of the participating boats was insufficient. The use of flash lights can cause problems for other competitors and on some boats they were even switched on all the time, which is not allowed.
  • It would be optimal having the option through the website to print the description and the map of the route for the race easily.
  • In terms of an optimal safety for all participants, teams must be asked to consider safety for themselves as well as for other teams with the highest priority.
  • Good seamanship should always be the top priority for everyone.

Regarding the content of the website 

  • Short news items with a link to the original information is redundant.
  • For teams participating already for multiple years a so called “change log” listing the changes at the website pages may be helpful.
  • Provide an extra page on the website regarding “Race Preparations”.
  • When opening the website, the menu is only shown after scrolling down.