ERM 2021


Dear elfstedenroeimarathon-lovers,

Of course, we are also considering the progress of the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon, which will take place on 14 and 15 May this year.

Let it be clear: if no rowing and/or outdoor events are allowed or if no rowing is allowed in C2-boats, then the tour on 14 and 15 May cannot take place. We are still considering whether to move the tour to the weekend of 4 and 5 September.

In any case, there will be no special skiff edition in the spring.

Registration starts on 1 March. In mid-April we will make a decision on the final passage.

The rowing marathon will be different this year if we do get permission to organise it:

  • We will limit the number of participants to a maximum of 60 crews or less (depending on the rules in force at the time)
  • The numbers written out will be limited to the special categories: B and B6 and teams with 4 or 5 participants (so teams have a size of 3, 4, 5 or 6 people). ECO teams are welcome.
  • We consider that all participants, all accompaniment, but also the whole organisation, must be able to present a vaccination certificate and/or a negative Corona test.
  • The RIVM rules including the 1.5 metres rule will have to be observed and will also be enforced.

The starting point will be that each team, but also the organisation, will complete the tour in its own bubble. Contact between participants and the organisation will be avoided as much as possible.

The Wetterwille canteen and shed will not be open this year, the crews will have to be self-supporting and there will be no prize-giving or meal.

Arrival, preparation of boats, inspection, captains meeting and start will take place in 3 time slots. Each team will be assigned its own time and place to prepare the boat for sailing. Teams have to row up to the Prinsentuin immediately after the assembly, the inspection and the captains meeting, where they will be started. There will be no collective start.

In this way we hope that the participants can achieve a very sportive performance in spite of all the restrictions and in a safe and healthy way.

Warm regards,

The elfstedenroeimarathon-committee
LRV Wetterwille

Stay Safe!