Pilot KNRB inschrijfsysteem

Als elfstedenroeimarathon maken we al jaren gebruik van een in eigen beheer ontwikkeld geïntegreerd inschrijfsysteem dat toegesneden is op onze tocht, het deelnemersveld en de loting. Daar kan iedere ploeg zich komende maanden weer inschrijven. Daarnaast doen we een test met een nieuw, door de KNRB ontwikkeld, inschrijfsysteem. Hiervoor vragen we een beperkt aantal teams zich dubbel in te schrijven. Interesse? Meld je aan!

We zijn al langer in gesprek met de KNRB en marathoncommissie over hoe we in de toekomst gebruik kunnen maken van hun systeem, dat tot voorkort niet voorzag in de gewenste functionaliteiten. De bond verwacht dat het nieuwe inschrijfsysteem daar wel in voorziet. We spraken af dat de komende ERM te testen met circa tien ploegen. Die moeten zich dan wel dubbel inschrijven: dus zowel via ons systeem als dat van de KNRB. 

Na afloop gaan we de ervaringen met het KNRB systeem evalueren en ontdekken of het voldoet en volstaat. We hopen op die manier ook mogelijk aanpassingen/verbeterpunten boven water te krijgen. We zijn benieuwd! 

Wil je meedoen aan de pilot? Laat het ons weten. Dan krijg je van ons de instructie en zullen we je naderhand ook vragen naar je ervaringen. 

RV Rijnmond als eerste binnen

RV Rijnmond heeft tijdens de 35e elfstedenroeimarathon, in de buitencategorie 6 (B6), de snelste tijd neergezet tijdens de prestatietocht. Ze bereikten onder ideale omstandigheden in een tijd van  20:08 uur als eerste de eindstreep in Leeuwarden. Als tweede eindigde de vijfmansformatie van Stuttgart-Cannstatter Ruderclub de finish op een kleine 7 minuten. Alle tien deelnemers aan deze speciale ‘corona-editie’ bereikten binnen de 24 uur de finish.

De uitslagen zijn hier te vinden.

Livepage 11 May 14.00 online

The livepage will be loaded on May 11 from 2 pm, so that from that moment on you can follow your favorite team, if provided with a tracker. And at the well known web address.

Loting online!

The draw for the starting position of the 34th elfstedenroeimarathon is done. You can find your starting position in this overview!

Update: ERM 2021 new date (4&5 September 2021)

Dear elfstedenroeiers,

Earlier than announced, we have taken the decision – after consultation with the city council – that the ERM in May will not take place. We find this very unfortunate but unfortunately, it is inevitable.

The good news is that, as reported earlier, we will now prepare for an ERM in the first weekend of September (Saturday and Sunday). The format of the ERM will be the same: only for crews with 3-6 rowers.

In the coming weeks, we will finalize the details. As soon as we have more information we will inform you.

If you want to participate in the ERM in September, you don’t have to do anything and your registration remains valid. If you decide not to participate, please let us know.

Sportive regards from Friesland!

ERM 2021

Dear elfstedenroeimarathon-lovers,

Of course, we are also considering the progress of the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon, which will take place on 14 and 15 May this year.

Let it be clear: if no rowing and/or outdoor events are allowed or if no rowing is allowed in C2-boats, then the tour on 14 and 15 May cannot take place. We are still considering whether to move the tour to the weekend of 4 and 5 September.

In any case, there will be no special skiff edition in the spring.

Registration starts on 1 March. In mid-April we will make a decision on the final passage.

The rowing marathon will be different this year if we do get permission to organise it:

  • We will limit the number of participants to a maximum of 60 crews or less (depending on the rules in force at the time)
  • The numbers written out will be limited to the special categories: B and B6 and teams with 4 or 5 participants (so teams have a size of 3, 4, 5 or 6 people). ECO teams are welcome.
  • We consider that all participants, all accompaniment, but also the whole organisation, must be able to present a vaccination certificate and/or a negative Corona test.
  • The RIVM rules including the 1.5 metres rule will have to be observed and will also be enforced.

The starting point will be that each team, but also the organisation, will complete the tour in its own bubble. Contact between participants and the organisation will be avoided as much as possible.

The Wetterwille canteen and shed will not be open this year, the crews will have to be self-supporting and there will be no prize-giving or meal.

Arrival, preparation of boats, inspection, captains meeting and start will take place in 3 time slots. Each team will be assigned its own time and place to prepare the boat for sailing. Teams have to row up to the Prinsentuin immediately after the assembly, the inspection and the captains meeting, where they will be started. There will be no collective start.

In this way we hope that the participants can achieve a very sportive performance in spite of all the restrictions and in a safe and healthy way.

Warm regards,

The elfstedenroeimarathon-committee
LRV Wetterwille

Stay Safe!

Cancellation ERM2020

After careful consideration, and looking at other possibilities, it has been decided to cancel the elfstedenroeimarathon this year.  All the more so because there is a lot of uncertainty about the duration of the corona crisis and the period in which rowing and training can take place again. Very unfortunate, but there isn’t another option.

We will close the registration and hope to welcome you again next year (14 & 15 May 2021)! Even then we will do our best to organize a surprising jubilee edition.

For now, we wish you a good health and hopefully a nice holiday 🙂

See you next year at Wetterwille 🙂

On behalf of the elfstedenroeimarathon committee (LRV Wetterwille)

Update ERM2020 and the Corona Virus

Dear ERM lovers,

The Dutch government has decided to cancel all public events until the first of June. This decision has major consequences for the elfstedenroeimarathon, originally scheduled for 22 and 23 May. As a result, this event, unfortunately, won’t take place on these dates. As a committee we are going to consider this situation and we will keep you informed through the website and the socials:)

For now, take care of yourself and your loved ones!

On behalf of the ERM committee
– Anneke, Arjan, Bram, Bram, Caroline, Elke, Hielke, Joyce and Pierre (LRV Wetterwille)

elfstedenroeimarathon and Corona virus

As the organisation, we are being asked whether or not the elfstedenroeimarathon due to the Corona virus will continue, in view of the measures announced by the Dutch government and the KNRB (Royal Dutch Rowing Federation); and now apply until the 6th of April.

We are therefore aware of any additional measures that may lead to the postponement or cancellation of the coming elfstedenroeimarathon. For the time being we will continue with the preparations and the registration for ERM2020 will remain open until further notice.

When more is clear about the developments over the longer term and the possible consequences for the marathon, we will inform you about it!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us ( or send us a message via Facebook.

Update skiff – pilot

There is interest in the skiff pilot! Here you can find the concept rules and regulations (only avaiable in Dutch right now). Interested parties will soon be invited for a teleconference

The Skiff category

This year, we would like to introduce a new boat category to the elfstedenroeimarathon.

As a test, we want to give participants the possibility starting the marathon in the skiff category. This category is open for 4 participants per boat, who can complete the tour in relay, like the c2 categories. Ballotage of the participants might take place, especially when less than 4 people would like to participate per boat.  

However, we will keep it safe and therefore you will not row during the dark nightly hours. The race will start the same day as the C2 category, but already at 12:00 in the afternoon at Wetterwille. The route scheme is the same. At Woudsend, just before it becomes dark, we will stop the race for all participants and restart at 6:00 next morning. Sleeping places and transport should be arranged by yourself.

We expect you arriving amongst the other participants between 16:00 and 20:00 on Saturday.

For safety, we expect you will be guided physically on the big lakes (Slotermeer and Morra) and that you arrange this yourself. This might be done by e.g., canoe, a motorboat or with another C-2 rowing boat.

We also expect that you will arrange active support for the bridges at Dokkum, Oudemirdum, Balk and Hindeloopen, and at the start of the Van Harinxmakanaal at Harlingen.

We are open for any suggestions increasing the safety and success of this event.

Are you interested and do you like this? Send an email to: and we will contact you.

Rules and regulations

Attention! New rules and regulations for the elfstedenroeimarathon 2020.

Check all ins and outs about the rules and regulations.



Foto’s online!

The pictures are online and can be found here! If you have any pictures, videos or other visual material, please let us know so we can put everything together and everyone can reminisce about the beautiful pictures.

Results elfstedenroeimarathon 2019 – online

A.G.S.R. Gyas from Groningen has won the 34th eleven cities rowing marathon. In a time of 16:52 hours, the team reached the finish line in Leeuwarden and set a track record (16:59 hour since 2012). It was a close finish, with a difference of 15 minutes the German team Cool Runnings came in second. A small difference on the 210 kilometer route. Winner of the mix field was the team of the organizing LRV Wetterwille from Leeuwarden in a time of 18:01 hour.

The results of all 107 teams are here.


Aftermovie ERM2018, met dank aan studenten Stenden Hogeschool.

Programma ERM2019

elfstedenroeimarathon 2019 terugzien?

Kijk hier terug via de livepage als je team een gps-tracker van ons had.

Renewed access route LRV Wetterwille

Below you will find the renewed route for the boat trips during the Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon.

When you arrive from the west (Aldlansdyk)
Take the boat wagon to Peugeot garage Auto Haaima. Drive straight ahead and turn left. Then turn right (Avondsterweg). Report here to the available traffic controllers. They will take you to the area where the boats can be unloaded.

When you arrive from the north (Anne Vondelingweg)
Turn left at the traffic lights into the Planetenlaan. Then turn right at the Technische Unie. Then turn right behind the Mazzelshop and the Praxis along and turn off at the Avondsterweg. Report to the available traffic controllers here. These will take you to the area where the boats can be unloaded.

Make sure that you unload the boat quickly, so that you stop or obstruct other teams as little as possible. After unloading, continue the route to leave the empty boat wagon at the designated area behind the lucky shop. See the map and follow the instructions of the traffic controllers.

Then park your car at the Technical Union or on the lawn next to Auto Haaima.

Tips voor de tocht

Een aantal belangrijke tips en eisen die de tocht gemakkelijker en veiliger maken.

De roeiers:

  • Goede conditie, roei- en stuurtechniek
  • Veel roeikilometers gemaakt voorafgaand aan de tocht
  • Geoefend met roeien met een zwemvest en platliggen (achterover) in boot (lage bruggen
  • Als de boot volloopt, altijd bij de boot blijven. Ga niet zwemmen maar ga met de boot naar de dichtstbijzijnde oever

De tocht:

  • Bestudeer de waterkaart, wees op de hoogte van de route die je moet roeien en sturen
  • Let op de hoogte van de bruggen. Zeer lage bruggen in Dokkum, Sneek en Parrega!
  • Bestudeer de alternatieve route (website) voor slecht weer
  • Bekijk vooraf regelmatig de website en facebookpagina voor bijzonderheden
  • Op de captainsmeeting worden de weersverwachting, beslissingen over alternatieve route en eventuele obstakels in de route gemeld.

Meer tips!


Safety first: bring more than one bailer!

Money price fot trackrecord

To further challenge the teams in the Open Category, and to break the track record after so many years, the team that shines the current record of 16.59 hours can look forward to € 600. The cash prize has been made proportionally available by the ERM and Roeiwerf Wiersma.

This is a doubling of the amount that was made available for the first time in 2017. Appointment is that the cash prize can rise to a maximum of 1000 euri. As mentioned, the ERM wants to strengthen the competition field in the coming years. In line with this, this year, for the first time, a time limit has been set for participation in the Open Category, which will gradually be sharpened.

Dokkum: passing bridges

The first bridge in Dokkum (the Ee bridge) in and out going boats passing each other under the bridge. Keep as much starboard as possible!
The Ee bridge is a long, narrow and low bridge where boats can only pass each other ‘slipping’. The city outgoing boats have priority over incoming boats. If necessary the jury will stop the incoming boats in front of the bridge in case of much boats, until the passage is safe again.

Parrega: very low bridge!

On the route Workum – Bolsward in the village Parrega is a very low bridge. Make sure you lie down in the boat!


Watch our rules!

Eliminate child cancer by rowing!

We ask your attention to pay attention to this message.

Last month we, as the organization of the ERM, came into contact with the wonderful initiative: KikaRow. They told us that cancer is still the most common cause of death, due to illness, amongst children. The survival rate of these children can be increased faster by concentrating care, research and education in one location. This will be realized in the Princess Maxima Centre (Utrecht)!

The goal of KikaRow is to raise €500,000! This spring they will start and row 1400km, past 60 rowing clubs, through the Netherlands: ‘Rondje NL’. The start is at Michiel de Ruyter Uithoornse Roei- en Kanovereniging (Uithoorn). In 14 weekends they will row from club to club. What makes this journey special is that the boat is also manned by former child cancer patients (Kika rowers) and/or their family, friends. Rowing clubs throughout the country will teach the Kika rowers how to row under the guidance of experienced rowers!

As the organization of the ERM, we want to commit ourselves this year to this wonderful and valuable initiative. During the ERM (May 31st & June 1st) there will be collectibles to donate so we can contribute together to this great goal!

Donate now!
Help and support this initiative so that all of us can eradicate childhood cancer!


Er zijn nog accu’s beschikbaar voor gps-tracking. Als je daarvoor in aanmerking wilt komen, geef dat dan per mail door aan de organisatie.


Sebastiaan van Stam (rower by Roeivereniging de Kop from Schagen) made some beautiful pictures during the marathon at Leeuwarden (start) and in Dokkum. Watch them here and if you like a picture you can order it.

Tom Goossens made also some pictures on behalf of Touristinfo Woudsend, you can find the pictures here. You can also order them in a bigger format, so take a look.


Be quiet during the night

At night everyone is a sleep. Please be quiet between 12 PM and 8 AM.

Time limit Open Category

Teams who register for the ‘Open Category’ must finish within 3 hours after the first team in this field. If not: unfortunately no Elfstedenkruisje.

We adjust the contestrules stp by step, with the aim of gettig thet fast teams to start and finish closer together. In recent years we have already made a distinction in a competitionfield and a performancefield.

Time limit
This year we are going to make another change in the ‘Open Category’. Teams who register for this category must now finish within three hours of the first team in this field. Finish you later, then you end up out of time and the rowers of your team don’t get an Efstedenkruisje!

Camping during marathon

Just like last year it isn’t possible to camp on the island opposite LRV Wetterwille. Of course there are plenty of other options in the area. Here are some tips:
(just behind LRV Wetterwille)
(about 6.5 km north of LRV Wetterwille)
(about 6 km east of LRV Wetterwille)
(about 13 km west of LRV Wetterwille)
(about 6 km of Leeuwarden)

Filmpje online

De afgelopen elfstedenroeimarathon is er een filmpje gemaakt met een sfeerimpressie van beide dagen. Benieuwd? Hier staat ie.

Foto’s online

Er zijn het afgelopen weekend veel foto’s gemaakt die we delen via deze link. Waarschijnlijk wordt de map de komende week verder aangevuld met wat we nog binnenkrijgen. Alvast met dank aan: Wim Haalboom, Willem Rinkema en Dirk Jan Scholten.

Match results elfstedenroeimarathon 2017

You can find the results of the elfstedenroeimarathon here.

After publication, the finish time of nine teams appeared to be incorrect. Two captains attended to this. Due to power outage, the electronic time observation did not work and we returned to the manually clocked finish time. This time was not yet corrected for the start time of relevant teams. That has now been done and processed in the results. It involved the teams with start number: 12, 27, 51, 52, 55, 94, 95, 101 and 102. The time correction is 3:03; 7:05; 14:40; 15:11; 25:42; 25:52; 27:27 and 27:44 minutes.


Volg de wedstrijd live

Volg en selecteer je favoriete ploeg. Waar liggen ze in het veld? Hoe hard gaat het? Moet je al wisselen. Realtime, op onze livepage!

Fotografen en filmers

De ERM is bij uitstek een roeiwedstrijd die zich leent voor mooie beelden. Dat hebben we de afgelopen jaren ook kunnen zien dankzij de bijdrage van een aantal enthousiaste fotografen en filmers onderweg.


Bij deze doen wij graag opnieuw een oproep om de tocht vast te leggen. Het liefste wat verspreid in tijd en trajecten. Meld je aan dan ontvang je van ons een korte instructie. Reiskosten worden vergoed.

Je krijgt van ons de inloggegevens om je beeldmateriaal zelf te uploaden naar de ERM website. De beste (staande) foto wordt komend jaar voor de nieuwe poster gebruikt. De beste filmpjes krijgen blijvend een plaats op het ERM-youtubekanaal.

We zien jullie reacties graag tegemoet.

Volg ons op instagram

Hoe mooi is dit?! Er staat een live-feed van instagram op onze homepage. Volg ons via /elfstedenroeien

Adresseer en upload foto’s en video’s tijdens de tocht voor een gave livefeed!

Al het moois is voor iedereen vindbaar! De beste shots maken kans om volgend jaar op onze poster te prijken of gebruikt te worden voor pr.


Follow the news around erm2017 also on facebook


Ploeg niet compleet? Of op zoek naar een incompleet team? We helpen jullie graag.

Wat was your reaction?

Below, we address only those issues where there is improvement to catch up. This is made up of ‘Location, organization and recognition “and” Safety & match’. On the Eleven rowing marathon in 2017!

Location, organization and recognition
To begin, we will renew our website; we make our website more contemporary and informative, so that rowers can quickly find what they want to know. A first version, we can now see and it is beautiful …

Regarding the location indicated, that we must do something about the signs, both for the car and boat traffic as the rowers on our premises.

For strangers is not enough clear where they must report to the secretariat. Therefore, we will next year increase the visibility of organizers and volunteers of the ERM, so visibly who can answer any questions.

Security & Contest
Allowing smooth and fast running of the boat inspection every year again discussed. We have already taken several steps, including identifiable jackets for the judges of boats.

We’re going to do this differently. The past two years we divided the boats judges on the basis of the start numbers. This meant that both the judges and the rowers to each other were looking for boat inspection. Coming ERM we enter the area where the boats are defining in equal parts and we assign the parts to the jurors. We hope to make a correct work!

Given the weather conditions, there were few problems during the ERM in 2016. Returning sticking point is the passage of the bridges at Dokkum. Next year we want to pay special attention to this.

Uitslagen en tussentijden 2016!

Benieuwd hoe jouw team het heeft gedaan?

Kijk dan hier naar de uitslagen en de tussentijden.
Snelsten per categorie:

– Open:  Aengwirden combi  17.28 uur
– Mixed: Canstatt Boosted    18.12 uur
– Dames: Ric Dames 1:       21.26 uur
– Buiten6:  NüBüKaKi (Karlsruhe)  19.06 uur
– Buiten3: Odenburger 21.30 uur
– Eco: Ossa/DDS/De Hoop 22.20 uur


Enjoy a moment of this video made by Willem Rinkema (May 2016)