Results of the elfstedenroeimarathon 2024 – online


The Droom GROOT team of the Leeuwarder Rowing Club Wetterwille has won the 38th Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. The team was the first to reach the finish line in Leeuwarden on Saturday afternoon in a time of 18:02. The winner of the mixed field was the team Das Telefonboot from Bremen/Bremerhaven with a time of 18:50.

The winner in the Outdoor 6 category was the Cool Runnings 2024 team with a rowing time of 18:09 hours.
Due to the strong wind from the northeast, a total of 3 teams finished outside the set time of 24 hours and two teams in the open category failed to finish within three hours of the winner in that category. A special mention was that a record of 6 so-called eco-teams participated this year (rowing and cycling).

The results of all 88 teams are here.