Results elfstedenroeimarathon 2023 – online


The German combination team CoolRunnings2023 has won the 37th Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. In a time of 18:12 hours the team was the first to cross the finish line in Leeuwarden on Saturday afternoon. Winner of the mixed field and also second overall was the team MARK’S ARM(Y) of the Amsterdam rowing club RIC with a time of 19:12 hours.

The winner in the Outer 6 category was the team Bad Can City of the Stuttgart-Cannst├Ątter Ruderclub with a rowing time of 21:33 hours. Due to the exceptionally strong wind from the northeast, a total of 21 teams finished outside the set time of 24 hours and two teams in the open category did not finish within three hours of the winner in that category



Results of all 93 teams you can find hier.