Results elfstedenroeimarathon 2022 – online


The Amsterdam rowing club RIC has won the 36th Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. In a time of 17:04, the team was the first to reach the finish line in Leeuwarden on Saturday afternoon. With a difference of 42 minutes, the German team ARC & Friends from Bonn is second. Due to the weather conditions of strong wind and high waves, the route has been shortened to approximately 180 km, the lakes have not been crossed and no stamps have been “collected” in Sloten, Stavoren and Hindeloopen. Still, this marathon was tough because of the strong wind, force 5 Bft with peaks to 6 Bft. Of particular note is the performance of the team Cool Runnings 2022 (Buiten 3). They finisht in a time of 18.23 and were faster than winners in the Open as well as the Buiten 6 category. The open field was won by the the German team Speedy BONNzales of the Bonner Ruder-Gesellschaft with a time of 18:32 hours.

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