The Skiff category


This year, we would like to introduce a new boat category to the elfstedenroeimarathon.

As a test, we want to give participants the possibility starting the marathon in the skiff category. This category is open for 4 participants per boat, who can complete the tour in relay, like the c2 categories. Ballotage of the participants might take place, especially when less than 4 people would like to participate per boat.  

However, we will keep it safe and therefore you will not row during the dark nightly hours. The race will start the same day as the C2 category, but already at 12:00 in the afternoon at Wetterwille. The route scheme is the same. At Woudsend, just before it becomes dark, we will stop the race for all participants and restart at 6:00 next morning. Sleeping places and transport should be arranged by yourself.

We expect you arriving amongst the other participants between 16:00 and 20:00 on Saturday.

For safety, we expect you will be guided physically on the big lakes (Slotermeer and Morra) and that you arrange this yourself. This might be done by e.g., canoe, a motorboat or with another C-2 rowing boat.

We also expect that you will arrange active support for the bridges at Dokkum, Oudemirdum, Balk and Hindeloopen, and at the start of the Van Harinxmakanaal at Harlingen.

We are open for any suggestions increasing the safety and success of this event.

Are you interested and do you like this? Send an email to: and we will contact you.