Registration and Categories

Teams who want to participate in the elfstedenroeimarathon, can register here from 1 March! Fill in all required fields! Is your team still incomplete? Do you want to make changes later? That can be done by logging in with your username and password management team. You can register for different categories.

O       Open category
D       Women (all ages)
MIX  Mixed (at least 50% women rowing)

B6      Outsiders Category 6 rowers
B3      Outsiders Category 3 rowers
T         Tour Category

Registration starts on the 1st of March 2021 and closes on the 16th of May at 18.00 P.M.

The cost of entry is € 400, – per team.

Exceptions are:
– Open category € 430, -, (including tracking and tracing).
– Outsiders Category 3 persons € 200, –
– Outsiders Category 6 persons € 300, –

Paying on the Friday before the start of the PIN machine (MAESTRO, VISA, CREDIT CARD).

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