Registration and Categories

Teams who want to participate in the elfstedenroeimarathon, can register here from 1 March! Fill in all required fields! Is your team still incomplete? Do you want to make changes later? That can be done by logging in with your username and password management team. You can register for different categories.

O       Open category
D       Women (all ages)
MIX  Mixed (at least 50% women rowing)

B6      Outsiders Category 6 rowers
B3      Outsiders Category 3 rowers
T         Tour Category

Registration starts on the 1st of March 2021 and closes on Sunday, the 28th of April 2024 at 18.00 P.M.

Go for the open category!
We want to make the open category as competitive as possible. Because admit it: what is better than being on each other’s heels and finishing with a sharp time? Additional advantage: you start as one of the first teams and are therefore held up as little as possible by less fast teams. For example at the crossing and bridges in Dokkum!

To allow similar teams to start in the open category, a few years ago we set a limit. This means participants must be able to finish within three hours of the fastest team finishing. A wide margin, but enough to put together a nice competition. Do you like to compete for prizes? Do you want to set a fast time and row unopposed?

you have no idea how fast you need to row on average to stay within the limit.
Then consult the results and times of previous years. For an extra check you can also scrutinise the tables with average speeds.

Cost and method of payment:

The cost of registration is €490 per team (incl. fee mandatory GPS tracker);

Exceptions are:
– Outsiders Category 3 persons € 250, — (incl. fee mandatory GPS tracker);
– Outsiders Category 6 persons € 360, — (incl. fee mandatory GPS tracker);

Paying on the Friday before the start of the PIN machine (MAESTRO, VISA, CREDIT CARD).

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