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Starting order 2024 known!


Photo’s ERM2024!

Herewith we would like to share two websites with different photo’s made by multiple photographers. Giso van Essen Multiple photographers

Northern Lights during the elfstedenroeimarathon in 2024

Beautiful photo taken by the rowers of The Mainz Canal Cruisers during the elfstedenroeimarathon in 2024; eternal fame!!

Results of the elfstedenroeimarathon 2024 – online

The Droom GROOT team of the Leeuwarder Rowing Club Wetterwille has won the 38th Eleven Cities Rowing Marathon. The team […]

Definitieve traject info – ERM2024

Here it is, the definitive information regarding the route – shared during captains meeting! Def Trajectinfo 2024 – leaflet Dutch […]


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